Magnolia Hill takes great pride in providing excellent service to our brides and their family, in making safety our top priority and in keeping our horses comfortable and content in every aspect of their life.

Typically our carriages are used to bring you into your ceremony, then afterwards away to the reception.

Our carriages travel at a relaxed pace of approximately four miles per hour. The ride allows you time to relax offering a welcome break from an otherwise hectic pace of events. 

 The French vis-à-vis is also equipped with a step to make it easy for our bride to exit. 

A Horse Drawn Carriage Isn't Expensive - It's Priceless! 

As a true Southern style of wedding, our brides are "presented" via horse and carriage. The bride is picked up on the front porch by the carriage and proceeds around the lake with her father, (or who is giving her away.) Guests watch Delilah, our English Suffolk draft horse pull the carriage around the lake. Seated guests see the white carriage through the branches of the trees as the bride gets nearer and nearer.
The carriage stops at the top of the hill to let her walk down the aisle.
Our Magnolia Hill bride steps out onto the front porch after a kiss from her mother at the front door. The carriage awaits and her father helps her in the carriage. Down the hill they go, underneath the hundred year old dogwood tree. They continue on, around the back side of the lake and wait on the wooden Spring Creek Bridge until they are called to come to the altar.

Seated guests watch as the carriage comes around the lake...all while the London Symphony Orchestra is playing Trumpet Voluntary...which is a song that announces someone important is coming. As the carriage nears, the traditional Wagner Bridal Chorus plays and guests stand as the bride steps out of the carriage.
Delilah senses a wedding is in the air, for after her bath, her mane is braided and filled with roses and ribbons. White roses wrap her silver and leather collar too. She knows she is dressed for someone special!
Guests watch the carriage come from afar as it reflects in the water.  Our brides arrive at the altar with their father. After the ceremony, our bride and groom get in the carriage and wave at guests as they ride to the front porch of Magnolia Hill. There, they go inside to watch the minister sign the marriage license on the dining room table...let the reception begin!
Delilah and Buddy on the "Wedding Road". The romantic Wedding Road goes on the back side of the lake and over our wooden, "Spring Creek Bridge". Seated guests see our bride coming from a distance around the lake.
Before the wedding, make an appointment for your Bridal Portrait with our  French Vis-a-Vis carriage.
A fairy tale wedding complete with a white carriage pulled by a purebred English Suffolk Draft horse...Enjoy a romantic horse and carriage for your wedding day!
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Our brides have a choice of the white Southern carriage or our Vintage Dark English Carriage !