End your wedding ceremony in a most meaningful way by including a White Dove Release. Because doves choose one mate for life, and signify love, joy, faithfulness, hope and the Holy Spirit they offer a symbolic and inspirational memory. Including the Dove Release serves as a symbolic and meaningful way to bring these elements to your ceremony. Guests watch as doves circle over the lake and are surprised into a smiling hush of awe as the rush of white wings lift these beautiful birds in the air. As they soar up, circle overhead and may be seen reflecting in the lake, it is a very unique way to conclude your ceremony.

After circling, they return to their home safely for the night. 

Let us help create a dramatic ending to your wedding ceremony as our doves of love wing their way out of wicker baskets, circle spectacularly overhead, and return to their nearby home. A single dove is placed in the brides hand with the grooms hand over hers, symbolizing their new lives as one. Then the rest of the flock may be released and they will unite to fly home. 
White Belgian

Homing Pigeons

These birds are cousins of the Dove family and are especially bred to return to their roost or “home”.

This behavior is trainable allowing “home” to be moved, and that is hwy this pigeon works so well in shows and exhibitions.

The chief predator of these birds are hawks, but the pigeons have the advantage with speeds in flight from 45 miles per hour all the way to 90 miles per hour.

This allows the doves to out-fly the hawks.

There is no scientific data supporting why these birds can find “home” from distances over 1000 miles away.

One theory is that these birds are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field and polarized sunlight giving them the ability to navigate long distances to reach “Home”.

The White Doves at Magnolia Hill began their training at 6 weeks of age and have life spans of up to 12 years.

The adult pigeons mate for life and always have 2 eggs. Of these eggs there will be one female and one male chick born. The female is born first allowing her to gain weight and strength, as the males are more aggressive in feeding.

Today as you watch our birds within our show you will see for yourself the spectacular elegance and speed they demonstrate as they streamline for their designated “home”.
Our Fancy Fantails attend receptions on display and enjoy putting on a show with their fancy fan tails!
We welcome clients to come view our birds and visit Magnolia Hill. 

 Just call 501-690-2574 and schedule an appointment. Demonstration releases are free.

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The White Dove Prayer

 Just as doves are a symbol of love, peace, and fidelity, this dove released today may signify two families joining together as one. Representing the bride and groom let it be a reminder of the strength found in love and in growth, as you become one in the beginning of your new lives together. As the dove circles overhead, Heavenly Father, watch over these two people as they begin their new life under Your watch and forever hold them safely in the palm of Your hand. AMEN
After circling, they return to their home safely for the night. To insure the safety of our doves we can not release too late in the evening, or under inclement weather conditions. 

Then John said, "I saw the Holy Spirit decending like a dove from heaven..." 
                                       - John 1:32
Our doves are a treasured part of our Magnolia Hill family. The doves enjoy flying and will circle overhead. When they are ready to return home, they land on the door of the aviary at the barn and may go in as they please through a one-way door. They can go in when they want to, but they can not come back out when they want to. They know food and water will be waiting for them. 
A White Dove Release is a breathtakingly beautiful sight. It will add excitement to your event and create memories your guests will talk about for years to come.
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Visitors to Magnolia Hill see our Fancy Fan Tail doves on display.  Here, they try to nest in our back door wreath!
They try to nest in our back door wreath!
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A White Dove Release INCLUDED with our venue 
Our Fancy Fantails attend our receptions on display and enjoy putting on a show with their fancy fan tails.