Magnolia Hill 
                                                    ...for fairy tale weddings
You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace:
the mountains and hills will burst into song before you and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.
                                                   __Isaiah 55:12
If you  dreamed of a wedding in an outdoor  garden setting, then we suggest  our  lakeside stone altar.Our natural spring fed lake with a stone altar at the water's edge is a gorgeous backdrop for your perfect wedding. Included with the venue, is our horse and carriage, lead crystal chandelier, twin candelabra and  a dramatic White Dove release. 

Guests watch the bride arrive via horse and carriage. The groom may arrive via canoe if he choses. 
Little decorating is needed, for nature has already done that for us. Perhaps a single arrangement of flowers on the altar is all that is needed for even in winter, the setting is inspirational. Included with our venue is our electrified lead crystal chandelier. The twin candelabra, a White Dove release and presenting the bride in a horse-drawn carriage is included as well. 
Plenty of on site parking and help for those who need it, with our golf cart.

Wreaths meet guests at the iron gates.
Unique to our Southern setting is our own horse and wedding carriage to "present" the bride, a crystal chandelier, and white dove release.
The Bride's Processional

Unique to our romantic Southern setting is our own horse and wedding carriage to "present" the bride.Guests seated on hand hewn cypress benches watch as the bride and her father come around the lake via horse and carriage.  The London Symphony Orchestra is playing Wagner's Bridal Chorus with harp from our outdoor speaker system.
The groom may arrive to the altar via canoe if he chooses. Ushers make sure for smooth landing.
From this day forward, 
you shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
and my arms shall be your home.
The acoustics are wonderful by the water for live music while guests are being seated.  We furnish recorded ceremony music by the London Symphony Orchestra from speakers in the trees. 
The ceremony ends to the delight of both the couple and their guests. The release of white doves from a heart shaped basket on the altar offer up a most romantic ending to the ceremony. The doves lift high out of the basket, dip, soar and circle overhead before heading back to their aviary.
                     The Sounds of Magnolia Hill
Like fresh flowers, live music is all the more beautiful and the lakeside acoustics are all that is needed. To set a sophisticated mood, a violin is the perfect sentimental instrument. Horses drawing the nuptial carriage prance across the field from ceremony to reception as the violinist plays "Ode to Joy" ...The music of love! 
Our Brides Dressing room overlooks the lake and features an antique beveled triple mirror.
After the ceremony ends, the couple is brought to the front porch to go inside, and witness the signing of the marriage license. 
After the marriage license is signed, plenty of time for fun pictures!
As our bride dresses in the dressing room, she prepares to look into her groom's eyes and whisper "I do."  To feel this joy on the most romantic day of her life is our desire. Tender touches and gestures abound, from the triple beveled antique mirror in the dressing room to a real life romantic kiss in the middle of the lake. Magnolia Hill invites you to real life romance for your own wedding day from beginning to end.
An elegant and lit,  lead crystal chandelier hangs over the stone altar and is included with the venue.

After the ceremony, the newly married couple walks up the aisle together to get in the carriage and ride  to the signing of the marriage license. 
Our black French Percheron horse, "Blue" loves to have his picture made. He is very friendly and loves to watch the wedding from a nearby paddock.
After the ceremony, the marriage license is signed, and the pictures are finished at the altar, the couple is announced as they come to the reception.
The romantic stone altar by the lake includes a White Dove Release ceremony. Unique to our Southern setting is our own horse and wedding carriage to "present" the bride as guests watch from across the lake.  If the groom so desires, he may arrive to the altar by canoe as guests watch!! The covered reception area overlooks the lake. All this and more is included with the venue.

Ordained minister is available only if needed. Shepherds hooks for decorating ceremony aisle are included. Venue includes all seating for ceremony on hand-hewn cypress bench style seating. Reception ivory skirted tables and gold Chavari chairs are included in the venue as well. Our new stone courtyard is lit with Italian string lights and offers additional tables and seating. For summer weddings we have an outdoor cooling misting system overhead. For cool evenings we have patio heaters and of course ...the bonfire!

The seated guests watch as the bride comes from the back side of the lake to the altar with music of the London Symphony Orchestra from outdoor speakers.  The ceremony ends with a white dove release. The doves may be released from a white heart shaped basket and they circle over the lake as guests oooh and aaaah. The couple walks back up the aisle as they both get in the horse and carriage to sign the marriage license on the front porch and begin the reception. 

For price list and available dates, please call: 501-690-2574

or email us:
For price list and available dates, please call:  501-690-2574
For price list and available dates, please call: 501-690-2574

or email us:
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A local rental company furnished a Kneeling Bench and iron arch for the ceremony.
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The Wedding Tree
Bench style seating of hand-hewn cypress benches are furnished with the venue. 
Email us for available dates and prices.
The ceremony ends with a White Dove Release. The doves symbolize a blessing over the day, the couple, and most certainly the new marriage. ends o add text.
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