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Magnolia Hill Bloom Guide

March 1 - 15 Daffodils, early spring bulbs, Japanese camellias

March 15 - 31 Daffodils, Tulips, dogwoods, wildflowers, tulips

April 1 - 10 Dogwoods, tulips, tree peonies, wildflowers,  

April 10 - 20 Azaleas, Wisteria deciduous shrubs, tree peonies,  

April 20 - 30 early roses, tree peonies, wildflowers

May 1 - 15 Roses , iris, spring perennials, wildflowers, spring flowering shrubs, Magnolias

May 15 - 31 roses, hydrangeas, Magnolias

June 1 - 15 Roses , hydrangeas, summer annuals and bulbs, and wildflowers, Magnolias, Gardenias, Bee Balm

June 15 - 30 Roses, cannas, lilies, summer perennials and annuals

July 1 - 15 Summer shrubs, roses, summer perennials, annuals and bulbs

July 15 - 31 Roses, cannas, summer flowering bulbs, and perennials

August 1 - 15 Cannas, hostas, roses, summer annuals and perennials

August 15 - 31 Hibiscus , cannas

September 1 - 15 Hibiscus, late summer bulbs, roses, sage and fall perennials,Pumpkins & Cornstalks

September 15 - 30 Cyclamen, fall wildflowers, asters, Pumpkins & Cornstalks

October 1 - 15 Garden chrysanthemums, fall bulbs, sasanqua camellias, early berries,Pumpkins & Cornstalks  

October 15 - 31 Sasanqua camellias, florist chrysanthemums, roses, haws, holly, Pumpkins & Cornstalks 

November 1 - 20 garden chrysanthemums, and fall foliage, Pumpkins & Cornstalks

November 20 - 31 Holiday  

December 1 - 31 Holiday 

These dates are averages computed from data collected over thirty years. Exact dates of peak interest are dependent on numerous factors including temperature, rainfall, and cloud cover.

"The quiet memories of the past echo in the ivy-clad stone wall that greets all who enter our timeworn iron gates. The hundred year old red oak tree still sends forth its wide-stretching limbs to hold a sturdy rope swing that sweeps out over the lake. You see, I have never met a gardener that I didn't like. There is a captivating quality about people who devote themselves passionately to creating beauty of their own vision and who are willing to wait to harvest their dreams. The joy of the garden is in sharing friendships, hope, faith and of course memories made at Magnolia Hill."  
                                                                            - Alda
"Be rooted and grounded in love."

The Book of Ephesians
" Memory is the ability to brow roses in the winter."
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