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Magnolia Hill 
     ...Southern Style

If desired...
the groom may arrive to the altar by canoe or our 1948 red Chevy truck! 
If the groom so desires, he may come to the altar by canoe. It is all orchestrated to music, and he is given a signal when to start paddling. Guests do not see him get in the canoe, and he just magically appears on the water while Handel's Water music plays by the London Symphony Orchestra from outdoor speakers. Guests are thrilled and delighted to see the groom paddle up to the waters edge. An usher stands waiting to offer a hand, pull up the canoe and take the paddle. All the groom has to do, is step out of the canoe, walk to the altar and wait for his bride!
The canoe is parked under a curly bark River Birch at the water's edge ...just steps from the altar.
Just before sundown is the perfect time of the day...
Conveniently located in the heart of Little Rock is 31 beautiful shaded acres including a three-acre lake that is perfect for out groom to relax and enjoy his wedding day. The rustic yet elegant outdoor space is perfect for unwinding and enjoying a game of horseshoes or a game of pool before getting dressed . Several locations inspire creative thinking…the dock on the lake, by the pool, hiking trails around the lake or enjoying the horses at the barn. Overlooking the lake, the grooms dressing quarters features a big screen television, pool table and a private bath. A paddleboat, canoe and rope swing offer a change of pace for the day.

If you need a comfortable and hospitable place for enjoying your friends and family, or just a marvelous locale for a celebration, we have a beautiful and relaxed venue for you. Complete catering available as needed. 
 For the most romantic Wedding Day ever...

  Magnolia Hill
Your photographer will have fun taking pictures of the groom and groomsmen before the ceremony. 
From the grooms cake to the Garter Toss, a fun day is in the making.
I have found the one whom my soul loves.

Song of Solomon 3:4
"I loved you yesterday.
I love you still. 
I always have,
and always will."
 "Explaining why I love you is like explaining the taste of water."
Of course, the groom may come to the altar in our vintage, 1948 Chevy red truck with his groomsmen.
Have the ring bearer deliver this to your bride, just before the ceremony. 
Have fun on your day...make it memorable. We strive to make your wedding the best ever.